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Crystal Parts: (the pictures below are representative of general shapes, you will find quite a variety under each major category)


Pendalogue Selection 1
Pendalogue Selection 2

Tear Drop, Pear, Bubble and Oyster Prisms ("Blobs")

 Machine Cut U-Drop

U-Drop and U-Drop Type Prisms

Plug Drops and other 'Fat' Drops

French Style Pendalogue Selection 1  
French Style Pendalogue Selection 2

French Style Pendalogue Selection 3
French Style Pendalogue Selection 4

Colored U-drops, Plugs and Pendalogues

Colonial and Star-Colonial Prisms 

Spear and Spear Type Prisms

Connector Beads, Rosettes and Stars

Single Beads 

Uniform Crystal Chains 
Crystal Chains 
Crystal Chains with Baguettes

Rock Crystal Kite

Rock Crystal

Crystal Balls 

Crystal Bells

Crystal Spears, Spikes and Finials

Scrolls, Leaves and Feathers 

pendalogues.jpg (78976 bytes)

Glass Bobesches  
Hand-Cut Crystal Bobesches

pendalogues.jpg (78976 bytes)

Chandelier Arms

1500x.jpg (41783 bytes)

Center Bowls, Center Bodies, Candle Cups

Prism Pins, bowties, hangers, wire, tools


Canopy1.jpg (19571 bytes)

Bell Canopies

Ornamental Canopies
Mission Canopies

Very Ornate


Chains, Standard, Ornate & Mission






Highland Lighting
1945 Lewiston, Louisville KY 40216
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